Welcome to "Policy Changer" -- the blog with heart.

Even as I like to see change around me -- in the corporations, institutions, and establishments that could be better-run with more love and care, and in people who could be kinder -- I know that change has to come from within me first.

I had to "wake" up and become more aware of things around me -- of how people are either loving me or not loving me.

Of how people really love God and others or not really loving them.

And when I decided to "know", I began to really know.

"Waking up" can be difficult.

Hardly for the uninitiated or the frightened.

But the thing about "waking up" is that once you begin to do so, there is no turning back.

You begin to really "see" how people are, how institutions are, and what is being done to each one of us -- often without our knowledge.

Of course, we wake up when we realize one day that we lose a job, we miss a payment, we lose our clients, things don't seem to work out in the ways it did before, we lose our families, our loved ones, our friends, people become indifferent, and we lose the little comforts, and even luxuries, the world system has deftly inculcated in us.

And yet, in a strange sort of way, there is beauty in loss. The Sufi mystic and poet, Rumi, has a very beautiful thing to say about "wounds" here:

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”  ― Rumi

With loss comes awakening.

You begin to see who your friends and family are, what becomes left of your life, what you need to work on, and the potential for growth.

You also see what matters most in this world.

You begin to look within.

And you realize all you really had in the beginning was God.

And that you are a facet of God, a spark of His Being, and that He will always be there for you.

You also realize that God Is All There Is.

World systems come, world systems go, but in the end, all that's left is God, and all will re-join Him one day -- of our own choosing because we have free will.

How people treat each other is so different from how God treats us and how He equipped us for life.

He gave us free will.

Humans make sure you forget that, as you will see in this blog and in my other blog, "Archaeologist of the Soul".

Precisely why I started these blogs because I have become more aware.

I cannot zip my lip, or squelch my thoughts and my pen, and not write.

God gave me the gift of writing.

How am I to use it?

For self-propagation and aggrandizement?


I was born with the heart for caring.

Thus, through my blogs, I will gently share with you the realities of the world, and of how we can finally wake up and see the illusions for what they really are.

The veil has thinned in my life.

I now see the tricks these sly magicians have created for their benefit.

If it was for all of our benefit, you can be sure you will always have enough in life, everyone will respect each other, we can all do our work freely and peacefully without having to worry about monthly payments for mortgage, bills, and everything else they can think of to feed off our souls and energy -- such slavery!

If it was for all of our benefit, you can breathe easy and live healthy.

But no, it was not for our benefit and thus, the world continues to suffer.

What will make that stop?

By all of us finally waking up.

By saying, "Enough is enough!"

And by taking measures into our own lives to only use what we need, despite the mermaid's calls that we need this or that to live happily or be accepted in society.

Those who have truly woken up only see one thing:


It is so very true.

He Is All There Is and everything else is an illusion.

Why doesn't God do anything about it?

Well, He gave us all the gifts and talents within ourselves to do so.

We are equipped to handle the "battle for the souls".

All we really had were our souls.

When you really wake up, you will realize that to the core of your being.

And as I keep saying:

All come from God.
All go back to God.

Whether it is our life, possessions, positions, and people -- we leave all that behind when we pass on one day.

That is inevitable.

That's why this is my focus -- to wake people up.

You must see the "veil" for what it is.

It will be 2020 next year.

Doesn't that say something about "perfect vision"?

I am a happy weaver of words.

But I only weave what is truly there, for my spiritual eyes had been awakened.

Won't you see things as they really are?

11 June 2019

(Rumi quote from goodreads.)