Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Perfect Vision for 2020

Perfect vision is supposed to be 20/20 if you were an eye doctor.

But I'm not an eye doctor.

I'm a weaver of words, an archaeologist of the soul, who is constantly fascinated by words, images, numbers, symbols, God, and everything that helps the soul grow.

It's only six months before the year 2020, and that signifies a sort of completion and beginning for me.

And maybe for each one of us.

I just have that feeling, that's all.

When one road ends, another path begins.

When one door closes, you discover another door or window to open.

And one day, there will be no more need for doors and windows.

It is also an invitation for all of us to see better, to feel better, to hear better, to know more, to be more aware, to be more caring, to be more loving, to be kinder, to be gentler, and to be more generous of spirit in all our ways.

That, for me, is perfect vision for the year 2020.

The numbers 2020 also have a beautiful meaning in Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers -- a usual source of reference for me because I see a lot of numbers that mean something to my soul.

One excerpt says:

"Angel Numbers 2020 encourages you to display compassion, diplomacy, consideration and adaptability as you passionately serve others in your day to day life."

Are you happy with how the world is now?

Are you happy with your own life?

Are you happy with the work you do?

Are you happy with the income you have?

Are you happy with the people in your life?

Or, perhaps, there's something more?

That is for you to find out.

And that is what I have been writing about all this time.

But you are creator of your own play.

You are maker of your own myth.

You are everything in your own life.

We are all supporting characters in your play.

Guided by the God in your heart, your 2020 will be a beautiful one.

Of course, I have to say this:

Once you decide to "awaken", the path will be strewn with many challenges, but your soul is up to it.

I promise you that.

Stay on the God Path, that's all.

Your victory is assured.

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(Above image shows part of a self-sketch showing author's eyes in charcoal, circa 1984.)