Saturday, June 8, 2019

On Creating a Bright Future Right Now

We have the power to create a good present and an awesome future.

All it takes is a desire to do so.

If we are not happy with how things are in the world and we wish to help ourselves and others, being fully in the service of God, then that makes for a very powerful motivation.

There is no power on earth that can stop a person who is fully aware and is in the service of the Lord.

The whole of Heaven always gives assistance to such a brave and outnumbered soul.

When you wish for changes in this world, wanting to foster more love and awareness among each one of us, the Heavens celebrate for such is a rare individual.

It takes sheer faith in God, self, and others to be able to do all you can to improve conditions here on earth.

It takes great courage to fulfill your spiritual vision, too, for it will totally go against the grain of the world's focus.

Not wanting to be like a lemming in the sea, the faithful soul entirely devoted to God, will do all he can to ensure his brothers and sisters of the world are not further enslaved by an uncaring world system.

It will be a tough task to wake each other up and to see illusions for what they are.

It will take an even greater task to sustain the energy of those who have awakened, for the world systems will weaken them at every point.

But faith can move mountains, it was said.

You can actually feel the Energy of God in your being when your intentions are aligned with His.

You feel the power and strength coursing through you.

Faith is faith.

It has no assurances, only a deep knowing and desire to do what feels right in your soul.

The awakened ones know suffering must cease and by their humble, patient, and peaceful efforts, much good can be created.

We all have free will so it's up to each one of us to want to create a better future for ourselves and for the people who have been forgotten or left on the fringes of society.

There is no assurance that your efforts will bear fruit.

The important thing is you took the initiative and that you loved and cared for others -- enough to make a difference.

You cannot give love when you don't have love in your heart.

What present and future do you wish for yourself and others?

Are you envisioning a fair society where everyone has an equal chance at growth, love, and abundance?

Are you thinking of a society that treats people with love, care, and compassion?

Are you creating a society where people honor the Creator above all?

There are many false gods on earth.

To be able to create a good present and future for ourselves, we must have our hearts in the right place, rather, we must have God in our hearts.