Sunday, June 2, 2019

How to Transform Businesses in 12 Steps

It will take a very brave and caring leader or worker to create a business founded on love now.

1. His business will create a picture of life, love, and laughter.

2. His business will promote positivity.

3. His business will create abundance for all.

4. His business will focus on the basics and not the luxuries.

5. His business will take into consideration everyone.

6. His business will be kind to people.

7. His business will respect Earth and all of Creation.

8. His business will care for the well-being of others.

9. His business will focus on immediacy, not immortality.

10. His business will reflect his understanding of true conditions.

11. His business will reveal pure awareness.

12. His business will reflect the God in his heart.

Being in business is a form of "priesthood".

We are here to help each other.

It is a form of vocation -- a calling.

That's why it becomes noble.

It feels good to serve people genuinely from your heart and to really care for them.

It feels good to know your business helps many people and yet is respectful of the Earth you're on.

It feels good to make use of your God-given talents for the benefit of all.

It feels good to be aware at all times.

When you can look upon creating or continuing a business that way, you begin to feel lighter and happier.

You begin to wake up happily in the mornings.

You begin to get up excitedly and plan for good.

You are able to sustain that wonderful energy throughout the day and throughout the life of your business or project.

Only love for God, self, and others can really sustain you throughout your life.

It is not a difficult thing to do.

It is the call of your soul.

(P.S. I used "his" in this post for simplicity. I'm a woman and I don't mind being bundled in that "his". We're all children of the same God. I'm at peace with that.)