Wednesday, June 12, 2019

God's Freedom For All

My greatest wish has always been Freedom For All -- and for all to live happily, peacefully, harmoniously, and generously.

At a very early age and for a very long time, I was already given a taste of all my desires for personal growth and enjoyment squelched.

As such, I knew what "oppression" was, even if it cannot compare to how many others suffer so much more in many places around the world and maybe even in the universe.

In my little world then, oppression meant I could not think, speak, or act as I wished.

Everything I asked for was given a resounding "no".

Everything was calibrated to just one person's control, to other people's religious expectations, and to society's norm.

There came a time I stopped asking and just kept existing.

Of course, I wasn't really living.

When I finally got to be on my own, many challenges still surfaced and tested my desire for freedom.

But all those personal challenges, now and today, continue to fuel that desire for freedom for myself and for everyone.

It seems the world system is under the mercy of many lords that don't carry the Heart of God.

These people, organizations, and institutions mock freedom and do everything in their power to keep us asleep and merely existing -- completely under their control.

But I know who they are and what they do.

I know every nuance and reach of their control and influence.

I can't seem to turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, and a numb being to what I saw, heard, felt, and experienced.

They say experience is the best teacher and boy, have I gone through a lot -- but experiences are good teachers.

The most insidious form of control is that which you cannot quite detect.

But I always do.

It's what I'm cut out for -- thus, the many blogs that keep expanding.

As my soul acknowledges and pledges, it expands.

God knows what I'm all about.

I write about Freedom today because it is my country's "Independence Day".

It was fought for and won on 12 June 1898.

Just like in many other countries, many brave, focused, and visionary people fought with their lives to obtain this Freedom.

Every soul created by God is a sacred soul, subject to no one's control for even God gave us the beautiful gift called free will.

If you've never experienced oppression or hardship, you will never have a Desire For Freedom.

You will think things are okay just as they are.

Ah, but if you have "awakened", boy, you will see things differently.

If you love being awake and aware, you obviously love Freedom.

There are many ways of enslaving people:

-- through work they don't love
-- through debt they can't pay
-- through time taken away from them
-- through relationships they don't wish to sustain
-- through thoughts they don't care for
-- through words they don't wish to speak
-- through actions they don't have heart for

How are we really treating each other?

Do we have God in our hearts when we do?

Do we care what happens to others?

Or are we "safe" in our little "cocoons"?

Do we really see with the Eyes of the Heart?

Do we fight for the Cause of Freedom?

Or do we flee and cower when bullied?

There are many "bullies" of this earth.

Bullies stomp on your Desire for Freedom.

They humiliate your Cause.

They humiliate your Person.

They take away your Freedom.

How much of that can you take?

And for how long?


I declare God's Freedom For All People of the World and of the Universe -- FREE from any form of oppression, manipulation, or humiliation.

That is a statement to myself, so I can be Guided By Love.

Every soul deserves to be loved, respected, and to be free.

Wars are the result of that lack of love and bullying.

Remember this day, 12 June 2019, for today is a day that will change all days.

If one person even thinks of justice for all, then all is not lost.

I will care forever.

It is my DNA.

Freedom is for all who are unjustly oppressed, persecuted, manipulated, and "forgotten".

Well, I remember you and this blog post is for all of YOU who are suffering right now.

Take heart, your time for Freedom will come -- in God's Divine Right Timing.

Believe in God, love Him with all your heart, envision a beautiful life, believe in your dreams, continue to love others, and you will have the "FREEDOM" you wish for in your heart.

Here's to GOD's FREEDOM for ALL!

May God perpetually live in all of our hearts.

May we love Him with everything we've got.

If you love God, you will love self and others.

It's really that simple.

That's our Philippine flag above. 

I am proud to be a Filipino.

I know I was born here for a particular reason.

And I am living up to that choice.

As I wrote this article, I found "June 12th, according to Filipinos" from "Business Mirror".

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