Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Barter is Inevitable

What could be more beautiful than bartering products or services in a humane world?

I feel that barter is inevitable, because greed has become the norm among people, corporations, and institutions.

You only have to see the wide disparity in distribution of wealth among many people of many nations and you may have to agree.

When something doesn't work anymore and there is no more love, care, and consideration among people, God will step in.

It is not to punish the "haves" but it is to give the "have-nots" a fair chance, too.

Barter is simple.

There is an agreement to exchange goods and/or services in equal measure.

Those who are true children of God will know what's a fair exchange.

Imagine how masons and carpenters can build a simple home for a family and in turn, the family will give back from skills they have, perhaps like making food, taking care of the workers' children, teaching their families, teaching a craft, weaving blankets, sewing clothes, growing food -- pretty much like in the pioneering days.

Humans are creative folks, we surely have many ideas of how to trade using barter so all may live comfortably and harmoniously with the other.

Barter is a form of "energy exchange" where all our gifts and talents can be put to good use so all may live fairly and abundantly together.

There is a very strong possibility we will go back to bartering for Earth's resources are being pillaged unthinkingly.

Of course, only God knows when it will be but I personally feel barter's time will come -- soon.

No matter how many smart and educated businessmen, professionals, and policy-makers there are, they have not really created a fair society where everyone is provided for and where everyone's given a chance for a good life.

Those who are on the fringes of society are often left to fend for themselves while the few rich continue to make policies and create businesses and schemes that merely feed upon the dire need or seeming-ignorance and innocence of their brothers and sisters.

I wrote "seeming-ignorance" for I don't believe people are dumb.

I believe everyone's got great intelligence (for we are all children of God), just that people take advantage of each other, plus sometimes we all get derailed from our soul's mission.

That's why a huge population is needed for work, for votes, and to propagate wealth for the few.

Slavery has not really ended.

We continue to enslave each other every time we create new things like gadgets or programs that make people keep buying or working -- oftentimes beyond their reach -- barely making a living for themselves and yet having to come up with the monthly payments, not really thinking of how burdened most of the population already are.

It takes heart to know that.

People can't even breathe freely anymore, going forever deeper into debt, poverty, and slavery.

Who will save the forgotten ones?

Each of us can, if we are aware and if we care enough.

"Policy Changer" is a blog that encourages each one of us to look within.

I have looked within myself deepest of all.

And that's why I've created "Archaeologist of the Soul" blog on 24 November 2018. It was the call of my soul to reveal my "findings".

And now, this blog you're reading has taken my work to the next level -- on a universal level -- reaching out to the hearts, minds, and spirits of people who care to know more.

Yes, barter's time is here now.

In fact, I was so happy to have found a totally FREE site to promote to my readers who are in internet marketing. "Band of Banners" is another blog I created much earlier on 17 September 2017. Barter is truly a sign of the times to come.

My life and work has been a progression.

May it reflect new knowledge and more heart in me.

I hope you join me in creating a more God-filled and caring world now.

Welcome barter into your lives and think not so much of gold, money, or diamonds.

Those don't have a place where we're all going.

One day, at God's choosing, only love will prevail.