Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Things That Will Work

What assurance do we have in this world that things will work?

In my heart, there is only One Thing That Will Work.

If we do all things with love.

If we do all things with God in our hearts.

Love and God are the same thing anyway.

Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves?

Why do we make things so difficult for others?

Don't we know that at the end of our days, we bring nothing home but our hearts?

We leave everything behind.

All our loved ones, our possessions, our material wealth, our worldly power and position -- all will have to be left behind.

Only today, right here, right now is the moment that matters.

How are we making use of such moments?

Are such moments filled with love for God, our Creator, or is it filled with focus towards empire-building, prestige-building, wealth-building, or power-building?

It's not difficult knowing what love is or how to love.

Merely recall Christ in all His Strength and Simplicity, teaching everyone to love His Father, and you will have observed that he had no gadgets or money to do so.

He only had Himself and His Love For His Father.

Yes, you will argue there were no gadgets then.

Everything was on a person-to-person basis then.

There were no gadgets to shield us from the other.

Now, we can all take virtual anonymity to a point.

But now, we can also lambast each other viciously virtually.

Consequently, we've lost sight of our Creator -- the One Who Loved Us the Most.

If He didn't love us, we wouldn't be here.

We would never have existed.

He would never have given us the talents we were each equipped with.

How we use those talents are our own personal decisions.

If we look at how the world is now, we will have come to the conclusion that we have to use our talents better.

We have to have more heart.

We all need to love each other more and not outwit, outshine, or outdo each other more, for we are but specks in God's Eye.

Only God can really outwit, outshine, and outdo all of us combined.

Still, it's not in His Character to do so.

He has transcended all that for He is beyond all that.

It's only humans, and possibly other entities, who think we can all successfully compete with each other or treat each other the way we do.

But I think we're here on earth to happily co-exist with each other, to share what we have, to be grateful for all our blessings, to give love where it is needed, to see with our spiritual eyes, and to simply help each other up.

We've all known many wealthy people who are unhappy, their marriages and families are asunder, their people only serve them because they get paid for it, and of course, there is no real love or loyalty.

God is the only fitting Lord of All.

Learning to love as He does, is the only real objective on earth.

Everything else will not fulfill our hearts, except if we learn to love as He does.

That's the only thing that will help us all create homes, businesses, and organizations that will flourish beautifully.

After all, what else do we do on earth but to have families and to work?

If we can expand our hearts and visions further -- without ego or personal ambition -- we can take our families and work to the highest level.

Of course, expanding our hearts simply mean we have God in our heart, for only He can expand it beautifully.

We really must step back a bit, reflect on how we are living our lives, how we are creating, how we are working, what work we do, how we are treating others, and how we wish to create a kinder and more beautiful world and we will surely succeed, for we are obviously guided by God in our hearts.

Only a heart that loves as God would can create things of beauty.

Only then can it work.