Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Leaders Who Really Love You

A leader is someone who heads an organization, enterprise, or a nation.

Are you happy with the leaders you have?

Are you happy with those you've chosen or voted for?

Would they happen to have these two (2) qualities?

1. Compassion.
Do they give you enough time for yourself, your family, friends, hobbies and interests you care for, rest, recreation, personal growth, and God?

2. Respect.
Do they treat you well, listen to you, pay you commensurately, or acknowledge your need for spiritual or professional growth?

It may just be two simple things like compassion and respect but if your leaders at work and in your nation do these, that means they love and respect you.

That means you're in good hands.

That means they don't just see you as a follower, a worker, a number, a statistic, or a voter but as a human being worthy of being given their very best so all can have a happy life together.

Precisely why we choose or elect leaders.

Exactly, too, why we work for them.

We want to be part of something that benefits all.

We all want to stand for something good.

We all want to believe in someone.

Of course, it is rare these days to find such a leader with heart.

And if you can't find one?

You have to be one.

This Policy Changer blog is about creating the changes within you first.

When you know how to lead yourself and how to think for yourself you have a greater chance for happiness and contentment.

You also have a greater chance to lead others fairly.

All because you took the initiative and led yourself first.

To be good followers, we must also be good leaders and vice-versa.

When your mind is clear about what matters most in this world, you will definitely be a good leader.

When you love God above all, there can be no greater quality for making a good leader.

Each of us must make up our own minds how we want to lead or be led, and must not dump upon each other the responsibility.

If there are no good leaders, then you have to take up the helm.

Be the good leader you so desire.

As we quoted Gandhi on our very first post on 29 March 2019, nearly two months ago, we must be the "change we want to see in this world".