Wednesday, April 3, 2019

"Warrior of the Spirit" Book Freely Given!

After nearly 10 years, I'm ready to share with you this "Warrior of the Spirit" book I wrote from my heart. When you work with Spirit, warriorship is defined differently from the world's concept of it.

Written on 7 June 2009, this book's passages are here for you to read freely now. Each four sets of five passages each depict a particular Angel image that called to me as I began sharing the passages on this blog. Everything just easily fell into place.

Please accept my gift right now and be forever changed and transformed in your heart. There is very powerful, sacred knowledge here. Know a gift when you see it.

You may click the links here:

Passages 1 to 5
Passages 6 to 10
Passages 11 to 15
Passages 16 to 20