Friday, March 29, 2019

On Not Embracing the World System

I have love for people.

But I do not have love for world systems that enslave us.

Surely you know those systems that do.

Anything of business, government, religion, health, or education that make you keep paying a lot -- monthly -- for the rest of your life are some of those.

It's been said, Nature abhors waste.

Well, humans are a wasteful lot, as only mother earth and animals can tell you.

Except these two don't speak.

They suffer and they react.

Where I live, it's not uncommon to pave already well-paved roads.

There's big money there, that's why.

And I watch as the people gingerly step over concrete pavements that have been drilled and trashed, to make way for new pavements.

What was wrong with the old?


But there was a year-end budget that needed to be utilized, otherwise, it goes back to government.

So, the contractors outbid each other for a piece of the concrete pie.

Money that could have been used for food, clothing, and shelter instead.

But no, there had to be more roads, more buildings, more sidewalks, more cars, and less space for people.

Everything that's top heavy in corporations and institutions won't be effective.

You know the saying, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall"?

That will happen.

It's the Law of Nature.

Thing is, it's the every day people who shoulder that extra expense.

And that's why the every day person has the hardest time of all.

There was never a time expenses went down. 

He can barely keep up.

Population was encouraged to go up more on purpose because people are asked to vote, pay, tithe, and work.

It's modern-day slavery.

Nothing has really changed.

A long time ago, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to me life-size from afar at a mall, even as the book that was behind her was so tiny.

In retrospect as I got home, I asked myself how was it possible The Lady was THAT large when Her illustrated face on the book was so tiny? It's as if She sprung from that book.

But I got that book and it forever changed my life.

It showed how we had all become automatons and that only Christ, through a Mass conducted by His faithful priest, could save humanity.

Bear note that this book was written in 1954, a most obscure and probably a forgotten book by now.

But The Lady led me to that book from afar.

And Spirit kept leading me to many other books each time I'd be drawn to a bookshop wherever in the world I may be.

And I asked myself what I can do in my own capacity -- an embattled person myself.

I've been fighting many battles but it makes me stronger.

It's only faith that keeps me going.

Faith in God and in myself.

If your heart and intentions are intact, you're going to be just fine, no matter if people and institutions try to shred you to pieces.

You're pure soul.

That cannot be ever destroyed.

Buildings can be destroyed.

Institutions can be destroyed.

Wealth can disappear.

Possessions can be gone.

Health can dissipate.

When all is said and done, just have God in your heart.

You will remain strong and standing despite all the challenges.

Let Him be your Greatest Love and Ally.

He is the Only One Who Will Always Be There For You.

And He doesn't even ask anything of you.

Isn't that remarkable?