Saturday, March 30, 2019

Who is the Spirit?

We've been talking about warriors of the Spirit so it's but logical to ask, "Who is the Spirit?" or "What is the Spirit?"

Spirit is the Holy Spirit -- the Spirit of God in you.

He is the Great Animator.

The One That Wakes Us Up.

Oftentimes, He is depicted as The Dove -- a Messenger of Peace.

He is the One that reminds us of our mission on earth, for we are not here to merely have fun, get rich, and forget others.

We are here to know who we are and what we are meant to do on this earth.

We are here to help our brothers and sisters.

Every soul has a different reason for existence.

When we think of how many billions of people are on earth, that ought to make us stop in awe.

And when we become unhappy, then perhaps our soul wants to tell us something.

Perhaps, we need to stop and think where our lives are going.

Are we happy with the life we're leading?

Are we happy with ourselves and others?

Are we happy with the work we do?

Do we feel loved?

Or perhaps, there's something more?

When our souls become restless, then we are ripe for the Spirit of God to create more awareness in us.

Be prepared that life may get more difficult at the start, for we have awakened from a dream.

We are finding our way back all over again -- back to the Source -- God.

The Spirit shows us the Truth.

It shows us reality.

It takes away the veils and masks.

Our soul will be laid bare.

Other people's souls and intentions will be laid bare, too.

On the deepest level, we will become more aware and yet kinder, more patient, and more loving.

For the Spirit will reveal much to us.

And we will see how everyone's faring in this world.

We will look upon things differently now.

We will want to exercise more awareness in our daily habits like food, work, relationships, and beliefs.

The Spirit of God will awaken beauty in us.

He will heal our soul with tenderness even as we see the reality of life around us.

He will gently guide us each day to what we need to do.

He will be there when we want or need Him, for He respects our free will.

He will give us the strength and courage we need.

He will give us the clarity of mind at every moment.

He is the Revealer.

All we have to do is ask.

Let the deepest part of our being ask those questions that matter to us.

When we ask, the answers will be given.

Asking is a form of permission.

Spirit will always wait for our soul's permission.

In God's World, there is always love, trust, and respect.

That's how we know things are of Spirit.

We are sacred beings, created in the Image and Likeness of God, and thus, we are precious before His Eyes.

And that's why it doesn't make sense that people don't respect each other.

The Spirit will lead us back to God.

Do you now see what a difficult task warriors of the Spirit have?

They are going against the grain of the world.

It is very difficult to wake people up, especially if they have gotten comfortable in life.

But wake up, we must!

Thankfully, the Spirit of the Lord, guides us all every step of the way.

We only need to ask.

Let our hearts guide us.

Why We Need Warriors of the Spirit

We need warriors of the Spirit because it is a battle for the souls.

If you have seen what I have seen in my dreams and visions, you will realize that.

But most people are in their own world, doing the best they could, given the circumstances, and the lords of the earth are as busy, if not busier.

These lords have set up systems in place where they merely harvest our life force and energies.

They have effectively created magic upon us, these sorcerer of souls, so we don't really know what's eating us up each day.

Sorcerers don't slay you.

They make you slay yourself.

Do you now see how subtle and how un-Godlike these entities are?

These lords are merely servants of the bigger lords and of course, they may not even be aware of it.

They have studied us very well and know we, too, are war-like, especially our appointed leaders.

They are merely using our own energy against us.

How very sorcerer-like.

"There are no warlike peoples -- just warlike leaders."
     -- Ralph J. Bunche

And that's why I started this blog, my 15th blog -- a natural progression of the work I do -- of inviting people into awareness.

I like the idea of the Faithful Angel, Archangel Michael, who will not go back to God until he has saved the last soul.

Many people suffer around us.

Just look at the seven-eights of the world population.

How can you not see?

These lords, sorcerers, and their minions have infiltrated EVERY sector of society.

I've been shown that in my dreams.

And they're already harvesting souls, especially the women, who are powerful tools to get the men.

You don't need much imagination to realize that.

A woman has much power in this world.

The lords know that.

And thus, they're very effective tools.

But how many women will distance themselves from such a malevolent idea?

It will take a warrior of the Spirit, a devoted soul of God, one with the heart of Christ, to wage battle upon these slayers.

The battle will be very difficult.

It will be long-standing.

Are you up for it?

Friday, March 29, 2019

On Not Embracing the World System

I have love for people.

But I do not have love for world systems that enslave us.

Surely you know those systems that do.

Anything of business, government, religion, health, or education that make you keep paying a lot -- monthly -- for the rest of your life are some of those.

It's been said, Nature abhors waste.

Well, humans are a wasteful lot, as only mother earth and animals can tell you.

Except these two don't speak.

They suffer and they react.

Where I live, it's not uncommon to pave already well-paved roads.

There's big money there, that's why.

And I watch as the people gingerly step over concrete pavements that have been drilled and trashed, to make way for new pavements.

What was wrong with the old?


But there was a year-end budget that needed to be utilized, otherwise, it goes back to government.

So, the contractors outbid each other for a piece of the concrete pie.

Money that could have been used for food, clothing, and shelter instead.

But no, there had to be more roads, more buildings, more sidewalks, more cars, and less space for people.

Everything that's top heavy in corporations and institutions won't be effective.

You know the saying, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall"?

That will happen.

It's the Law of Nature.

Thing is, it's the every day people who shoulder that extra expense.

And that's why the every day person has the hardest time of all.

There was never a time expenses went down. 

He can barely keep up.

Population was encouraged to go up more on purpose because people are asked to vote, pay, tithe, and work.

It's modern-day slavery.

Nothing has really changed.

A long time ago, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to me life-size from afar at a mall, even as the book that was behind her was so tiny.

In retrospect as I got home, I asked myself how was it possible The Lady was THAT large when Her illustrated face on the book was so tiny? It's as if She sprung from that book.

But I got that book and it forever changed my life.

It showed how we had all become automatons and that only Christ, through a Mass conducted by His faithful priest, could save humanity.

Bear note that this book was written in 1954, a most obscure and probably a forgotten book by now.

But The Lady led me to that book from afar.

And Spirit kept leading me to many other books each time I'd be drawn to a bookshop wherever in the world I may be.

And I asked myself what I can do in my own capacity -- an embattled person myself.

I've been fighting many battles but it makes me stronger.

It's only faith that keeps me going.

Faith in God and in myself.

If your heart and intentions are intact, you're going to be just fine, no matter if people and institutions try to shred you to pieces.

You're pure soul.

That cannot be ever destroyed.

Buildings can be destroyed.

Institutions can be destroyed.

Wealth can disappear.

Possessions can be gone.

Health can dissipate.

When all is said and done, just have God in your heart.

You will remain strong and standing despite all the challenges.

Let Him be your Greatest Love and Ally.

He is the Only One Who Will Always Be There For You.

And He doesn't even ask anything of you.

Isn't that remarkable?

"Warrior of the Spirit" Book

Who or what is a warrior of the spirit?

In its purest form, a warrior of the spirit is one who cuts through ignorance and helps others become more awake and aware.

The sword is symbolic.

It cuts through ignorance.

It cuts through heart-less systems.

It cuts through pain caused by others.

The true warrior takes a peaceful stance.

He does not fight wars he doesn't understand.

He is not at the mercy of cruel warlords.

He is only in service to God.

And that's why I wrote "Warrior of the Spirit" on 7 June 2009.

I wanted to describe who a true warrior was in my own understanding.

Of course, as always, my writings cannot be deemed my own.

I am always guided by Spirit.

For I cannot intentionally mislead others.

It was only this morning, after feeling out of sorts, and a temporary power outage occurred as I was reading a book very early in the morning that I was "prompted" to remember that I had written such a book.

In the darkness, I was even able to grope for that slim copy on my bookshelf.

A book I had completely forgotten for nearly 10 years.

A book Spirit and I wrote together and even crafted together.

I am a tactile person in a digital world.

I love books and I like the feel of them in my hand.

Digital copies don't have such feel or luxury.

"Warrior of the Spirit" is a very thin book, easy on the eyes and heart.

Its wisdom is from Spirit, my Army of Warrior Angels, and from the faithful, ancient warriors.

You will see for yourself how different their concept of warriorship is to contemporary warriors.

It has 20 short tenets.

That's all the book really needed.

If you seek nobility of the soul, "Warrior of the Spirit" will give you just that.

Please click this link to read the book's 20 passages freely, at no cost whatsoever.

There is no obligation to do so for it is a gift from my heart.

May it delight you as it did me.

There is much power in that book.

Let Your Heart Be the Judge

Is it really very difficult to make wise decisions?

Maybe not, if you make your heart the judge.

It will always make decisions with kindness and mercy.

It will see what the angry or greedy mind can't.

That we're all in this together.

And that we've not been in the shoes of our brothers and sisters.

And that life is difficult enough.

And that we could all use each other's help.

And not be the first one to step upon each other.

Or pull each other down.

Or to create schemes that further enslave others.

How can one sleep at night that way?

How can you sleep well in your soft, warm bed when others probably go hungry, fear for their lives, or are left out in the cold or heat?

How can you take a bite of your expensive food when others probably haven't even had a meal for a day or more?

How can you keep using up all the earth's resources when others have to go deep into the bowels of the earth to mine your fabulous diamond jewelry?

How many clothes do you need?

Or shoes?

How many cars do you really need?

If you've tried it, mass transportation can be fun, too.

It uses less resources and you really get a feel for the pulse of the people -- every day people like us.

Unless you don't want to be seen shoulder-to-shoulder with us or think perhaps we may steal your money or jewels.

But who's really doing the stealing?

Who's creating such a great chasm between the rich and the poor, making sure the great divide can never be bridged?

I don't know about you but I'd like to sleep at night knowing others are safe, warm, and cozy in their own beds, too.

That they've had a good meal as well, no matter how simple.

That they're given a chance at life, too.

That their talents and gifts are honored by others.

That they're not mere fodders to a very hungry and insatiable economic, religious, governmental, and educational system.

The writer, Chou Ching, wrote:

"It is truly said: It does not take much strength to do things but it requires great strength to decide what to do."

If you've got the heart, decisions are pretty easy.

You don't really use the brain when other people's lives and welfare are at stake.

You don't need huge councils, expensive budgets, and complicated programs to get things done.

You merely need to see how the other seven-eights live and if your heart and mind are open, you will truly see their plight.

And know we're all in this together.

Those with heart in their eyes will truly see what others continue to ignore.

If we really wanted to, we can prevent or stop wars, hunger, corruption, diseases, and poverty right now.

The power to help our brothers and sisters has always been there.

The only question is who cares enough to do so.

Do you?

I do.

And that's why I started this blog today.

It's the call of my soul and I will do all I can to help in any way that I'm able to.

I'm a writer and journalist, so perhaps it's true, there is power in words.

And maybe, it's mightier than the sword.

Most especially, for a long time now, I've been having dreams and visions of the world that is and that which is to come.

The call for help has been sounded out.

I will not remain sitting.

I have a job to do.

On Policy Changer

Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

That means, change starts from within ourselves.

That's a fair thought.

We can't impose change in others when we ourselves are such imperfect beings.

Or when we haven't really cleared our minds and hearts and only wish the best for others, for intentions are everything.

This blog, Policy Change, aims to create better, kinder, more practical options in business, government, religion, health, and education.

Yes, it's a big job but my thinking is simple.

I live by very basic, universal principles.

I am an every day person wanting change so people can live happily and freely.

I honestly believe everyone deserves a good chance at life.

Our duty as souls and human beings is to help each other up.

It doesn't make sense to make it more difficult than it already is.

I'm a writer, journalist, and independent thinker, taking most of my knowledge from Spirit who guides me constantly.

It is my fervent prayer each day.

I'm not into toppling corporations or institutions.

I'm for finding that healthy space in between where people can get along, for there is always room for each other when there is love.

I care what happens to other people.

I cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of my brothers and sisters wherever they may be.

I feel that there is always the basic goodness and God in each one of us.

I know we can all work harmoniously together.

Through Policy Change, I will be writing about areas where change is possible, starting with ourselves, of course.

As we all know, we live on one Earth, She is our mother, we all breathe the same air, and we're all in this together.

Our concept of God or our Creator is our own, as our soul and Spirit guide us.

As a gift for all of you here, please click on this link to download FREE Gandhi e-books I discovered today.