Wednesday, June 12, 2019

God's Freedom For All

My greatest wish has always been Freedom For All -- and for all to live happily, peacefully, harmoniously, and generously.

At a very early age and for a very long time, I was already given a taste of all my desires for personal growth and enjoyment squelched.

As such, I knew what "oppression" was, even if it cannot compare to how many others suffer so much more in many places around the world and maybe even in the universe.

In my little world then, oppression meant I could not think, speak, or act as I wished.

Everything I asked for was given a resounding "no".

Everything was calibrated to just one person's control, to other people's religious expectations, and to society's norm.

There came a time I stopped asking and just kept existing.

Of course, I wasn't really living.

When I finally got to be on my own, many challenges still surfaced and tested my desire for freedom.

But all those personal challenges, now and today, continue to fuel that desire for freedom for myself and for everyone.

It seems the world system is under the mercy of many lords that don't carry the Heart of God.

These people, organizations, and institutions mock freedom and do everything in their power to keep us asleep and merely existing -- completely under their control.

But I know who they are and what they do.

I know every nuance and reach of their control and influence.

I can't seem to turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, and a numb being to what I saw, heard, felt, and experienced.

They say experience is the best teacher and boy, have I gone through a lot -- but experiences are good teachers.

The most insidious form of control is that which you cannot quite detect.

But I always do.

It's what I'm cut out for -- thus, the many blogs that keep expanding.

As my soul acknowledges and pledges, it expands.

God knows what I'm all about.

I write about Freedom today because it is my country's "Independence Day".

It was fought for and won on 12 June 1898.

Just like in many other countries, many brave, focused, and visionary people fought with their lives to obtain this Freedom.

Every soul created by God is a sacred soul, subject to no one's control for even God gave us the beautiful gift called free will.

If you've never experienced oppression or hardship, you will never have a Desire For Freedom.

You will think things are okay just as they are.

Ah, but if you have "awakened", boy, you will see things differently.

If you love being awake and aware, you obviously love Freedom.

There are many ways of enslaving people:

-- through work they don't love
-- through debt they can't pay
-- through time taken away from them
-- through relationships they don't wish to sustain
-- through thoughts they don't care for
-- through words they don't wish to speak
-- through actions they don't have heart for

How are we really treating each other?

Do we have God in our hearts when we do?

Do we care what happens to others?

Or are we "safe" in our little "cocoons"?

Do we really see with the Eyes of the Heart?

Do we fight for the Cause of Freedom?

Or do we flee and cower when bullied?

There are many "bullies" of this earth.

Bullies stomp on your Desire for Freedom.

They humiliate your Cause.

They humiliate your Person.

They take away your Freedom.

How much of that can you take?

And for how long?


I declare God's Freedom For All People of the World and of the Universe -- FREE from any form of oppression, manipulation, or humiliation.

That is a statement to myself, so I can be Guided By Love.

Every soul deserves to be loved, respected, and to be free.

Wars are the result of that lack of love and bullying.

Remember this day, 12 June 2019, for today is a day that will change all days.

If one person even thinks of justice for all, then all is not lost.

I will care forever.

It is my DNA.

Freedom is for all who are unjustly oppressed, persecuted, manipulated, and "forgotten".

Well, I remember you and this blog post is for all of YOU who are suffering right now.

Take heart, your time for Freedom will come -- in God's Divine Right Timing.

Believe in God, love Him with all your heart, envision a beautiful life, believe in your dreams, continue to love others, and you will have the "FREEDOM" you wish for in your heart.

Here's to GOD's FREEDOM for ALL!

May God perpetually live in all of our hearts.

May we love Him with everything we've got.

If you love God, you will love self and others.

It's really that simple.

That's our Philippine flag above. 

I am proud to be a Filipino.

I know I was born here for a particular reason.

And I am living up to that choice.

As I wrote this article, I found "June 12th, according to Filipinos" from "Business Mirror".

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Perfect Vision for 2020

Perfect vision is supposed to be 20/20 if you were an eye doctor.

But I'm not an eye doctor.

I'm a weaver of words, an archaeologist of the soul, who is constantly fascinated by words, images, numbers, symbols, God, and everything that helps the soul grow.

It's only six months before the year 2020, and that signifies a sort of completion and beginning for me.

And maybe for each one of us.

I just have that feeling, that's all.

When one road ends, another path begins.

When one door closes, you discover another door or window to open.

And one day, there will be no more need for doors and windows.

It is also an invitation for all of us to see better, to feel better, to hear better, to know more, to be more aware, to be more caring, to be more loving, to be kinder, to be gentler, and to be more generous of spirit in all our ways.

That, for me, is perfect vision for the year 2020.

The numbers 2020 also have a beautiful meaning in Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers -- a usual source of reference for me because I see a lot of numbers that mean something to my soul.

One excerpt says:

"Angel Numbers 2020 encourages you to display compassion, diplomacy, consideration and adaptability as you passionately serve others in your day to day life."

Are you happy with how the world is now?

Are you happy with your own life?

Are you happy with the work you do?

Are you happy with the income you have?

Are you happy with the people in your life?

Or, perhaps, there's something more?

That is for you to find out.

And that is what I have been writing about all this time.

But you are creator of your own play.

You are maker of your own myth.

You are everything in your own life.

We are all supporting characters in your play.

Guided by the God in your heart, your 2020 will be a beautiful one.

Of course, I have to say this:

Once you decide to "awaken", the path will be strewn with many challenges, but your soul is up to it.

I promise you that.

Stay on the God Path, that's all.

Your victory is assured.

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(Above image shows part of a self-sketch showing author's eyes in charcoal, circa 1984.)

Monday, June 10, 2019

How To Make Your Companies Great Again

Only three things to be:

Be kind.
Be exciting.
Be approachable.

That's how.

1. Be kind.
Do you pay your people enough?
Do you give them enough free time?
Do you treat your people with respect?
Do you offer your customers a good product/service?
Do you offer your customers a fair-priced product/service?
Do you offer your customers a useful product/service?

2. Be exciting.
Is your company exciting to work for?
Are your products/services exciting to have and use?
Are your products/services easy to use?
Do you create products/services you can be proud of?
Do you create products/services your users can be proud of?

3. Be approachable.
Do you listen to your staff?
Do you listen to your customers?
Do you do something about their requests?
Do you do something about their complaints?
Do you have a simple company/office set-up?

Really simple, isn't it?

You don't need an MBA to figure all of that out.

You just need to love people, love the work you do, and offer each other the very best.

You need to be practical and yet have lots of heart and soul in you.

You need to genuinely care about others.

You need to see people, not as profit or statistics, but as real, human beings who want something good to use and to have -- without having to mortgage their lives and souls to obtain it.

Greed is not part of a great company's DNA.

Nope, nope, nope.

You need to see the God in each person so you can create something that even God would use.

Also, you'd be the kind of person who loves seeing people smile.

You want to see people happy.

You love serving people.

You care about them and their families.

When you can do all that, then your company will become great again, for you have love and God in it.

If your company isn't great yet and you're still starting, well, now is the time to pay attention to the three -- creating a sound foundation for your concept and enterprise:

1. Be kind.
2. Be exciting.
3. Be approachable.

Now that I think about it, business is all about relationships and any relationship is a relationship.

Methinks those three things will do well for your personal relationships, too!

That makes for great relationships.

So, go on and be the best you can be and create the best company yet!

And if you want many companies, the formula's really simple.

Just follow all three, ALL the time.

The principles remain the same.

Have heart.

Stick to the basics.

Was there ever anything simpler?


Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Visionary Filipino Captain

I'm glad I had the opportunity of meeting the visionary Captain Panfilo Villaruel Jr. in the late 80s when I was a photojournalist in the big city.

That day, I found myself at his office and he showed me black and white photos of his "Defiant 300" plane -- something he was really proud of. 

This inventor was truly excited about his creation and hoped to get funding for his project.

Ernesto Ferreras Jr., an aeronautical engineer, helped build the prototype plane with the wood and fiberglass body while Captain Villaruel flew it on February 1988. 

I believe that would have been a year after he showed me his creation so that makes me very fortunate. 

Ferreras says that Captain Villaruel's legacy remains "one of the most outstanding feats in the field of Philippine aeronautical engineering".

This blog post you're reading right now is also my way of remembering the happy pilot and inventor I had met at the prime of his life. 

You never really know -- he could have been a General Chuck Yeager, too! 

I really don't know why but I often seem to be in the right place at the right time with the right people who have something awesome to share. 

That makes my work as writer and photojournalist so very worthwhile. My blogs' time have really come.

Of course, I was shocked to hear on the news one day that the good captain took over the control tower of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on 9 November 2003 and that he and a colleague perished in the incident. 

This newspaper report painted him as a visionary and a nationalist. It must have been sheer disillusionment for him to make such a stand that fateful day, ending in tragedy. 

I am writing this article to honor the late Captain Panfilo Villaruel who showed such great passion for his work. 

Most of my articles are to honor those who exemplify soulful leadership. 

These people have left lasting legacies reflecting their character and vision. We have much to learn from them. 

The captain has finally found his True Home 15 years ago where he is now truly appreciated for his spirit and talent.

I'm pretty sure he has been designing even more beautiful and powerful planes now -- always looking to exercise that brain and skill, helping others, and yet making use of the infinite resources on hand. 

And yes, I can imagine the captain smiling, brimming with happiness, energy, and excitement as he has all the resources he will ever need -- something he so rightfully deserves. 

He will not have to "sell" his ideas any longer. He can create anything he envisions and get all the divine help he will ever need.

It's possible he may even be "coaching" young pilots and engineers to build better planes now in that other dimension. 

May this article reach his family for like I said before, it's always harder on those left behind. I am fortunate to have witnessed the vision of this hardworking man, even for a very short while.

(Image source:

The Poet Rumi On Wisdom

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi

Rumi was a 13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic who had many tender things to speak about the soul, life, love, and God.

His words will touch a chord in you, no matter that he was born many centuries before us.

And then again, poets have always had wisdom.

Poets are very deep people, who suffer a lot, because they see a lot.

In so very few words, they can elucidate the many mysteries of God, self, and the world.

It's like they have a bright, inner beam inside of themselves.

They study the many workings of the soul and of God.

Their heart sees what the materialist cannot see -- how beautiful God's Creation is, how wonderful our souls are, how blessed we all are, and what great potential we all have.

There is much material on the esteemed Jalaluddin Rumi. I have encountered him in my soul since 1995 and have become a better person for it.

I thought it apt that I share the above quote here as "Policy Changer" is really all about creating the changes within self first. That's how you can change the world. You create your own present and future, even as the past is gone and done for.

It's all about love, awareness, humility, and staying in the present moment wherever you are.

Click the following links to download pdf files for FREE of Rumi's poetry. I researched these from various sources today:

"A Gift of Love" compiled by Deepak Chopra

(Image from; quote from

Saturday, June 8, 2019

On Creating a Bright Future Right Now

We have the power to create a good present and an awesome future.

All it takes is a desire to do so.

If we are not happy with how things are in the world and we wish to help ourselves and others, being fully in the service of God, then that makes for a very powerful motivation.

There is no power on earth that can stop a person who is fully aware and is in the service of the Lord.

The whole of Heaven always gives assistance to such a brave and outnumbered soul.

When you wish for changes in this world, wanting to foster more love and awareness among each one of us, the Heavens celebrate for such is a rare individual.

It takes sheer faith in God, self, and others to be able to do all you can to improve conditions here on earth.

It takes great courage to fulfill your spiritual vision, too, for it will totally go against the grain of the world's focus.

Not wanting to be like a lemming in the sea, the faithful soul entirely devoted to God, will do all he can to ensure his brothers and sisters of the world are not further enslaved by an uncaring world system.

It will be a tough task to wake each other up and to see illusions for what they are.

It will take an even greater task to sustain the energy of those who have awakened, for the world systems will weaken them at every point.

But faith can move mountains, it was said.

You can actually feel the Energy of God in your being when your intentions are aligned with His.

You feel the power and strength coursing through you.

Faith is faith.

It has no assurances, only a deep knowing and desire to do what feels right in your soul.

The awakened ones know suffering must cease and by their humble, patient, and peaceful efforts, much good can be created.

We all have free will so it's up to each one of us to want to create a better future for ourselves and for the people who have been forgotten or left on the fringes of society.

There is no assurance that your efforts will bear fruit.

The important thing is you took the initiative and that you loved and cared for others -- enough to make a difference.

You cannot give love when you don't have love in your heart.

What present and future do you wish for yourself and others?

Are you envisioning a fair society where everyone has an equal chance at growth, love, and abundance?

Are you thinking of a society that treats people with love, care, and compassion?

Are you creating a society where people honor the Creator above all?

There are many false gods on earth.

To be able to create a good present and future for ourselves, we must have our hearts in the right place, rather, we must have God in our hearts.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Barter is Inevitable

What could be more beautiful than bartering products or services in a humane world?

I feel that barter is inevitable, because greed has become the norm among people, corporations, and institutions.

You only have to see the wide disparity in distribution of wealth among many people of many nations and you may have to agree.

When something doesn't work anymore and there is no more love, care, and consideration among people, God will step in.

It is not to punish the "haves" but it is to give the "have-nots" a fair chance, too.

Barter is simple.

There is an agreement to exchange goods and/or services in equal measure.

Those who are true children of God will know what's a fair exchange.

Imagine how masons and carpenters can build a simple home for a family and in turn, the family will give back from skills they have, perhaps like making food, taking care of the workers' children, teaching their families, teaching a craft, weaving blankets, sewing clothes, growing food -- pretty much like in the pioneering days.

Humans are creative folks, we surely have many ideas of how to trade using barter so all may live comfortably and harmoniously with the other.

Barter is a form of "energy exchange" where all our gifts and talents can be put to good use so all may live fairly and abundantly together.

There is a very strong possibility we will go back to bartering for Earth's resources are being pillaged unthinkingly.

Of course, only God knows when it will be but I personally feel barter's time will come -- soon.

No matter how many smart and educated businessmen, professionals, and policy-makers there are, they have not really created a fair society where everyone is provided for and where everyone's given a chance for a good life.

Those who are on the fringes of society are often left to fend for themselves while the few rich continue to make policies and create businesses and schemes that merely feed upon the dire need or seeming-ignorance and innocence of their brothers and sisters.

I wrote "seeming-ignorance" for I don't believe people are dumb.

I believe everyone's got great intelligence (for we are all children of God), just that people take advantage of each other, plus sometimes we all get derailed from our soul's mission.

That's why a huge population is needed for work, for votes, and to propagate wealth for the few.

Slavery has not really ended.

We continue to enslave each other every time we create new things like gadgets or programs that make people keep buying or working -- oftentimes beyond their reach -- barely making a living for themselves and yet having to come up with the monthly payments, not really thinking of how burdened most of the population already are.

It takes heart to know that.

People can't even breathe freely anymore, going forever deeper into debt, poverty, and slavery.

Who will save the forgotten ones?

Each of us can, if we are aware and if we care enough.

"Policy Changer" is a blog that encourages each one of us to look within.

I have looked within myself deepest of all.

And that's why I've created "Archaeologist of the Soul" blog on 24 November 2018. It was the call of my soul to reveal my "findings".

And now, this blog you're reading has taken my work to the next level -- on a universal level -- reaching out to the hearts, minds, and spirits of people who care to know more.

Yes, barter's time is here now.

In fact, I was so happy to have found a totally FREE site to promote to my readers who are in internet marketing. "Band of Banners" is another blog I created much earlier on 17 September 2017. Barter is truly a sign of the times to come.

My life and work has been a progression.

May it reflect new knowledge and more heart in me.

I hope you join me in creating a more God-filled and caring world now.

Welcome barter into your lives and think not so much of gold, money, or diamonds.

Those don't have a place where we're all going.

One day, at God's choosing, only love will prevail.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

How to Transform Businesses in 12 Steps

It will take a very brave and caring leader or worker to create a business founded on love now.

1. His business will create a picture of life, love, and laughter.

2. His business will promote positivity.

3. His business will create abundance for all.

4. His business will focus on the basics and not the luxuries.

5. His business will take into consideration everyone.

6. His business will be kind to people.

7. His business will respect Earth and all of Creation.

8. His business will care for the well-being of others.

9. His business will focus on immediacy, not immortality.

10. His business will reflect his understanding of true conditions.

11. His business will reveal pure awareness.

12. His business will reflect the God in his heart.

Being in business is a form of "priesthood".

We are here to help each other.

It is a form of vocation -- a calling.

That's why it becomes noble.

It feels good to serve people genuinely from your heart and to really care for them.

It feels good to know your business helps many people and yet is respectful of the Earth you're on.

It feels good to make use of your God-given talents for the benefit of all.

It feels good to be aware at all times.

When you can look upon creating or continuing a business that way, you begin to feel lighter and happier.

You begin to wake up happily in the mornings.

You begin to get up excitedly and plan for good.

You are able to sustain that wonderful energy throughout the day and throughout the life of your business or project.

Only love for God, self, and others can really sustain you throughout your life.

It is not a difficult thing to do.

It is the call of your soul.

(P.S. I used "his" in this post for simplicity. I'm a woman and I don't mind being bundled in that "his". We're all children of the same God. I'm at peace with that.)